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The 100 Club of Central Texas

 Aarisha Catering is proud to support The 100 Club of Central Texas which provides support to the families of first responders who have been killed or critically injured in the line of duty. 

Proud to help TXCC

 "We appreciate you working with us to provide food for our crew olympics, an annual event, which allow crews all across tx, both in our Austin & Houston operating sites to meet and interact"

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Aarisha Catering in magazine and how we got started?

Aarisha Catering Proud to serve Austin

When TSA agents were furloughed early part of 2019, Aarisha Catering proudly stepped up to the cause and provided HOT meals to hard working Men n Women of TSA at the Austin airport.  These guys do such a critical task without asking for much, they guard and protect us from unknowns that might come to our door steps.  As part of community and city we love so much, least we can do is provide 1 time meal when they needed the most.